Commercial Floor Maintenance

VCT Floor Care in Utah


Master Building Maintenance has been keeping VCT tile flooring looking at their best for many years. We offer stripping and waxing services to new and old VCT tile floors. We offer one time services, to a scheduled maintenance plans to keep your floors looking new and shiny at all times. If you choose to have a scheduled maintenance plan for your floors we will strip all the built up wax off your floors one to two times a year. Then we will maintain the floors with buffing and waxing applications to keep your floors looking great. 

Natural Stone Commercial Floor Maintenance & Care

We know the beauty of having natural stone floors in your business. From Marble to Slate we can take care of all of your flooring needs. We have the knowledge and know how to take care of your flooring form polishing to sealing your floors to keep them looking at their best. We can setup scheduled service to keep these natural floors looking great. 

Tile Flooring

Master Building Maintenance uses high pressure hot water cleaning extraction to clean your tile and its grout lines to keep your floors looking great.  After your tile is clean we will seal all the grout lines. All natural stone tile needs to be sealed also, so to keep the dirt and grime away we will seal that too!

Other Commercial Flooring Maintained in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

We also offer service and sealing to wood floor on flooring that require cleaning and sealing. We also clean, seal, and maintain sealed concrete flooring.  If you have any other types of flooring not listed give Brian a call and he will be glad to discuss maintenance on them with you.